Sawdust Depot specializes in sawdust pickup and removal and sawdust distribution and delivery.

Sawdust Delivery

Dairy Farms

We supply soft sawdust and shavings for all your animal bedding needs, including pig bedding, poultry bedding and dairy bedding. Our sawdust helps to keep barns clean and sanitary.


We supply sawdust that helps to soak up liquids and reduce odors in spaces where animals are prepared for consumption.


Our sawdust serves as top-quality bedding for horses and other livestock. It also helps to keep stable floors dry and clean, to absorb liquids and to keep away bacteria.


Our sawdust can help clean up spills or leaks of oil, grease, brake fluid, transmission fluid and more to protect shop mechanics and other workers from slip and fall accidents.

Environmental Companies

Our sawdust can soak up oil and other liquid spillage that comes out of the ground on-site.

Sawdust Removal

We remove sawdust from the properties of our suppliers who create wood by-products. The sawdust is stored in our custom containers until it is ready to be delivered to another customer.

Fencing Companies
Cabinetry Shops
Flooring Companies

Schedule A Service

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